World Naked Bike Ride
The message of WNBR (World Naked Bike Ride):
Too many people think they need a car, need external energy to move on.
But in many cases, we can do withour cars and other motorized vehicles:
we have legs, we can move on with our own power
and we are proud that we can!
So, leave your car and use your legs (when possible,
and it might be possible in more cases than you think now!).
It is much better for your body. And it is much better for your mind:
moving yourself makes you more happy.
And it is much better for the environment:
using mineral energy causes pollution and changing the climate.
Moreover, the need for oil is the hidden background for many cruel wars
(Irak for instance).
So, enjoy moving yourself with your own power!
Many people want to show their cars (ugly stinking, oil wasting,
polluting and casualties causing things!) as a status symbol.
In the WNBR we proudly show our bodies with our own power
to move ourselves, and without shame. And we show our fun,
enjoying riding by bike, open and free!
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